Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lazy me, in my new chair :-)

It's not that i am lazy, but i can't find the energy to fill my blog :-s

Yes, indeed its a stupid excuse so thats why i took all my courage and start to add some things.
This week i got a new chair delivered, and i am in heaven, it's a nice french regency armchair. I love it, sadly i had to move out of my little appartment my napoleon III armchair, but that found a new place in my room at the countryside. It fit's there also in the interior.

From now on i will make more pictures and share them with you, it's egoistic of me to keep everything for myself :-)
I hope you will enjoy this as much as i do.


little augury said...

I love your dark walls juxtaposed with the good antiques and white fabrics. It all looks timeless,classic & New. The pieces of black and white art in another photo are exciting. la

decor muse said...

I agree with Little Augury - the dark walls look wonderful. I love your style and would be delighted to see more....please!


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