Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend at the Belgian Coast

Thursday, the last day of the week. For me anyway
The weekend begin's, will it be a quit one or a fun one???

Well the weather is allready grey when i look through my windows, but i don't care. I will make fun, that's the decision of the day.
One hour and one weekend bag later (Longchamp for ever :-)) i am at the coast in the appartment of a girlfriend.

It's a design disaster, but what do you expect, for free, for the whole weekend and propety of old people. We're here for the beach not the appartment.

Everyday on the beach, a fleamarket, drinks in the sun, and nice food between friends what do you need more for a nice weekend.

Saddly the weekend finished and it was midnight passed when i was back in my little appartment. Luckely i made a extra nice memory :-) and i bought a little souvenir like always.

The tradition is where ever i go, i always buy a little or a big object, by preferance an antique one.
The belgian coast weekend will be remembered by an louis XV copper chandelier.

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