Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Party at Vervoordt's castle

Oke, people will start to believe i am addicted to vervoordt. But i can't help it, his castle is just unbelievable. During the day and also during the night as you can see on the pictures.
The front exterior of 's-Gravewezel.

For the guy's and girl's who don't know Axel Vervoordt, well he's one of the most admired, indeed, even revered interior decorator/designers in the world.

The staff at Vervoordt's 's-Gravewezel, lay the buffet.

The buffet table.

The living room.

Another view of the living room (what a nice Fontana above the fireplace)

The Porcelain room. A fantastic room filled with porcelain from a ship that sunk hundred years ago full of porcelain.

The staircase leading to the first floor.

The Office.When Mr. Vervoordt bought the castle there was a pink formica bar in this room, can you believe that.

Looking into the Work room from the Office.

The fireplace in the library.

A reading room on the first floor. Sting slept already in this fantastic little room who has his own bathroom :-)

The Oriental Drawing room. That is nice minimalistic for me

The Billiard room.

Looking into the Billiard room.

A guest bedroom.

Another view of the guest bedroom.

And another ...

The guest bathroom.

So simple but just totally perfect :-)

The Work room. With mural paintings from the ateliers of Pieter Paul Rubbens

Guests start to fill the living room for dinner.

Dinner in full effect.

The Work room.

Looking into the office.

The Porcelain room during dinner. The white room full of that Ming dynasty porcelain, it's to die for.

The temporary bar, back on the ground floor.


YHBHS said...

wow! the oriental drawing room!!!!!!! this is a great posting. do you mind if i post some of these on my blog?

im inspired.....

all the best,

the.neo.lifestyle said...

no problem you my use it, if you want i can look for some other pic's, its a fantastic room and i have seen it already in real :-)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Wow, amazing! I hadn't seen these before!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

Thank you so for sharing these. That porcelain room is quite the thing. I have both of his books-but to be honest neither- shows the joie de vivre of the castle that yours do. LA


It is a castle to cry for! Lucky you and thanks for showing it to us.

the.neo.lifestyle said...


You're welcome :-)



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