Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eurantica 2012

Off course I went to the opening and drunk some champagne while looking for nice things.
But's let's be honest every time I go to an opening and I say hello to everybody and drink, the quality of my pictures aren't great then. So this year I enjoyed the first opening nicely I was back home around 1H30 :-) and I went back to take pictures on a calm afternoon. We all receive so many invitations anyway :-)

Here is a little selection of the little treasures of the fair.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Some very splendid images. This looks not dissimilar to the Antique and Decorative Arts Fair held in Battersea Park, London two or three times a year to which we often go.

Anonymous said...

Do you remember who showed the Ormolu clock surmounted with a Hydrangea?

Anonymous said...

Do you remember the name of gallery that had the ormolu clock surmounted with hydrangea flower?


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