Friday, January 27, 2012

New items at la casa!!!

This year it's not really a snow winter in Belgium. Not like last year at least, I wish it snowed a lot or well that it was already spring, then the garden is so nice. This week I was looking through my archive to look at the garden pictures. I want spring now :-), so I can go to yard sales and brocantes!!!!

But I can't complain of the things I bought this week. It seems I am in a Coral state of mind. I attracted them for the moment, everywhere I go, I found them at bargain prices :-)

Here they are, my new little baby's


La Maison Fou said...


Congrats on your new babies!
I think they have cousins on my bookshelves too... in a beachy kind of way:)

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

Lovely things and pretty rooms to house them in!

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Perfection dahhling! so every cute. I won't tell you that here it has been like spring every day thus far.. with only a couple of weeks of cold...

Anci said...

The shells are lovely ! I must go to a beach (or something...) and find some too !


Miss Baptista said...

Ik zou het heel fijn vinden als je eens een post zou samenstellen met adresjes en data van komende gezellige brocantmarktjes, diegene die ik toevallig bezoek zijn meestal om te schreeuwen ......

Tottie said...

Ik heb hier nog een schelp liggen voor u, gevonden in de Sissy mansion. said...

ohhhh tottie een schelp, yoepie dat heb ik nog niet lol

kheb hier nog zo een wit glas liggen voor u ook :-)

sebiet hebt ge de volledige set :-)

alles kits achter de rits?


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