Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cold outside, warm inside, bis

No I am not making a special sort of turkey in my kitchen.

I am just working a bit inside, because for the moment it's too cold to "enjoy" the garden.

Here are some pictures of one of my latest projects, a new tapestry in my big frame.
Finally I have something in that frame, its not the best thing, but I couldn't find something else for the moment, everything I want is the price of a luxury car and I can't give that to just a painting :-s

What do you think?


HRH The Duchess of State said...

You poor dahhling...too cold outside? How horrid! but at least you are getting some FAB project done! gorgeous tapestry!

Daniel James Shigo said...

I like very much, but would also like to see more photo's taken with daylight. That said, the moody darkness is wonderful, the dark walls and other picture frames picking up the lamp light.

Greet Lefèvre said...

David, This is exquisite!!!
Entering your house is as entering a wonderful Parisian apartment!!
Just gorgeous!!

Paisley Curtain said...

I enhanced the pictures on i photo and could see the whole room. It looks fabulous. You have a very charming apartment.

( I have been following your blog but have dared to leave a comment perhaps for the first time).

Paul Gervais de Bédée said...

I think it takes its place in the room with quiet elegance!

Anci said...

It's very nice !!

Have a lovely weekend !


The Decorator said...

That looks like it's really beautiful and what a magnificent setting.
Any chance of seeing it in a better light?

would love to see the detail...
J x

the.neo.lifestyle said...


Thanks for the nice comments :-)

But sadly i can't make more light, except if its a very sunny day, my living room is too dark to make a better picture.
And on top of it the tapestry is very monochrome :-)


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