Thursday, February 24, 2011


For the moment I love everything that is white, not because I am painting the ceiling of my own bedroom. Because believe me I have to push myself to get started every time. No I found a nice white porcelain statue and I decided to start a collecting to fill my white walls in my dinning room. Here is also a picture of my garden statue, that was white one day :-). It's sitting in the garden now. And some white flowers in my dining room who make the whole apartment smells :-)


akissfromthepast said...

O my, you have such a beautiful taste! I love the mixture between white things, asian and vintage feelings. The statue where boy (cupid?) rides on a fish is amazing item! Is it some antique bargain? looks so good!

Just Verte said...

I agree, there's nothing more beautiful and refreshing than white..especially with those lovely purple hyacinths.

Great post. Happy painting!!


Just Verte said...

Ooops...did I say 'purple'? I need new glasses! lol


Kathy said...

I love your "Boy on Dolphin"...make sure to take a picture of him in the garden!...k

Edith Hope said...

Dear Belgian Banker, I have much enjoyed reading your latest posting, particularly as I really only permit a colour scheme of white and green in my own London garden. Your Hyacinths in the tureen are particularly attractive, an idea which I shall steal immediately! Your apartment is indeed now taking shape. You must be very pleased with the overall effect.

As it happens my latest posting centres on Belgium.

Anci said...

White is beautiful ! I love it in combination with a few other colors. Your photos are so lovely !


Mosaicology said...

I like what you say about not being lazy and avoid the cycle of mass production! I am following you. And those flowers are so wonderful, bring back memories.


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