Friday, February 4, 2011

New item to my collection

Well I have done some fun things the last weeks, but I bought also wonderful objects for my home.
And it was ages ago I bought some books. And lately I book THE BOOK. Well in reality it's a box with three books. I am sure its well known to some, and if not, people do some research. You will love it ;-)

Parcours museologique revisite from Robert Polidori


Kathy said...

Now this is my kind of book set! I just dashed over to Amazon...and yes they have it! Thanks for sharing...have a great weekend... k

Anci said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I think that I can like it :)


Anonymous said...

stunning the images you presented ..I will have to look for this book on line...

The Devoted Classicist said...

Fabulous interiors photography!

Greet Lefèvre said...

Hallo David,
Mooi boek waarschijnlijk! Ik kende het niet!
Hoe gaat het met je! Ik dacht even dat je van de aardbol was verdwenen?!!

Akissfromthepast said...

my kind of a book set indeed :D the picture whit a red wallpaper is great :)

John About Town said...

What a fabulous book - thanks for the heads up!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I mentioned the photographs when the exhibition of some of them came out. they are beautiful truly with the lush color and full compliment of the past-there is a ghostly freshness to the work. How does he do it? I would Love the have this book pgt


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