Monday, July 19, 2010

New items to my collection

Tomorrow I am back to the office. So this evening I am looking back on some days of hard work. Our bed and breakfast is going very well. The cleaning lady left us for two months because she's building her house in Poland :-s, so that's a less good part. Meaning that my boyfriend and me have to clean the whole house.

It was a heavy week, but I am glad with did everything.

I even had time to do some shopping. I bought a wonderful cristal chandelier for in the guest bedroom. Isn't it charming, the best thing is that it comes from a big house not far from our house.

Here are some pictures of the the two chandeliers I hung in the bedrooms, and some random pictures from the house.

Hope you will enjoy!!!


Anonymous said...

I love your use of less expensive items to create symmetry.These can always be swapped out as you are able to afford better pieces...

VoiceTalk said...

The new lighting is wonderful. And I am coveting your mirror: old mirror glass is magical.

Renee Finberg said...

you get into the most interesting places!!


Anci said...

It looks very nice !

Have a great weekend

Anci said...


Old mirror glass is magical, we have at least 10 mirror with old glass in the house. For me it's like modern art :-)

David said...


It seems i go to some interesting places, I suppose I see nice between crap :-)


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