Thursday, July 15, 2010

Holidays is equal to relax for once!!!

So for once I am on holiday at home. There is always something to do here. Today I prepared my apartment because somebody is renting it for a couple of days. And like I am a perfectionist, I went to double check everything. So now I can relax, everything is all right. So what better proof of that than pictures in our bed. This morning we used new bedlinen. So this evening we will sleep in wonderful toile de joy.

This week of course I did some shopping. Yes don't look like that! A week without looking for something gorgeous is a lost week.
I added two old Medici urns to our collection. They are on the marble chimney on one of the guest rooms. They remind of the two urns i saw on a chest on Room Seventeen a very nice blog I follow.


Julio said...

Love the toile settee with the pillows and the urns with the perfect patina. Great eye. Thanks for sharing.

Anci said...

I really like your chest of drawers ! You have many wonderful things in your home.


Greet said...

De commode rechts van de schouw is een prachtstuk!


VoiceTalk said...

The symmetry in on either side of the mantel is quite lovely. And the bed lined is dreamy. Such style.

vosges paris said...

So nice to mention Henny's blog she has a wonderful style of photographing things for her shop ;)
I am a big fan of these vases as well ;)

Picture of Elegance said...

Your place looks great David.Very chic...

A Perfect Gray said...

absolutely beautiful. I am so thrilled to have found your blog... said...

Thanks to everybody for your nice comments.

Greet, HEt is een familiestuk, maar heb er zo al enkele zien de revue passeren van de jaar op veilingen ;-)


dining room table said...

Everything inside that house is so amazing. It looks like my dream house. I wish my house have all those fascinating stuff. Thank you for this post. I will use this as one of my inspiration.


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