Sunday, June 27, 2010

New items to my collection

This week was a bit heavy, had to move furniture from my apartment. Had to prepare together with my boyfriend the room. Because the first guest of our bed&breakfast were coming.
People will say "How is it possible that during all that work and labour I had bloody time to do some shopping?"
Well maybe because my eye is always running around on the search for something beautiful.
This time I bought some china. What to say. They just look fantastic on one of the transition commodes in our bedroom. What do you think?


Julio Muao said...

What do I think? FABULOUS. I absolutely love it.

Julian Wright said...

I think it is beautiful.You are so talented with such a great eye at such a young age.I thought I was the only one.HA HA...Maybe there is only one of us in each Country..

Anci said...

They are beautiful and I think that you have good taste !

Have a nice week


Greet Lefèvre said...

De vazen passen ongelooflijk goed bij uw Transition commode! Je hebt een fantastisch getraind oog!!!


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