Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ron Wagner and Timothy Van Dam

A nice couple of people with a fantastic taste again in the New York Social Diary. Oke, my place isn't like that, but they have an eye for quality and I respect that a lot.

Enjoy the pictures.


La Petite Gallery said...

nice post.
I like the book cases.

Renee Finberg said...

what divine life!

Michael Mattison said...

Thanks for sharing this couple's good taste. I love Old World style, and even if I myself choose to live in a much more modern, streamlined style with lots of puristic white, etc., I love what I see here. And the best element of all is the copy of the Giambologna statuette of Mercury; I've admired the original in the Bargello Museum in Florence many times; would love to have it! In fact, I think I need a copy of it myself...
Again, thanks for posting, and have a great weekend.

vosges paris said...

They have a passion for decorating, you can see that
have a nice week

Greet said...

Voor mij toch net iets "te"!

the.neo.lifestyle said...

Taste is different to all, and I can say that it's too much also for me, but they dare, and they are in love with there objects, how nice :-)

don't we all need to dream, objects help me to dream



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