Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New items to my collection

I repeat myself non stop, I am a bad blogger, never online. Nevertheless I can't complain. Always working with or for beauty and wasn't that the point of my blog. The difference is that I have never time left for blogging. Have a pile of pictures to post on my blog, but every evening too tired to put my mac on. Last weekend was my birthday. Lot's of party with my partner and lot's of presents, the naughty guy. The thing is that he went to an horrible auction room for me. If that isn't love.
Result of the game I have an extra item to my collection. It's hanging in the dressing room and I enjoy it every morning.


Reggie Darling said...

Hello Neo:
What a nice addition to you collection. Do you know anything of its history?

Anci said...

Even if it's too late: Happy Birthday !!
I think that you can blog when you have the time to it :)


Anonymous said...

ik ken da precies van ergens, hing er zo geen in de bibliotheek in st lukas?

Picture of Elegance said...

Happy belated birthday... many happy returns.

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Happy Birthday! Great present, the man did good. On the subject of blogging I can relate, there's never enough time, but I enjoy it when you do so don't stop. I need my overseas connection.

Greet said...

De Obit is gewoon prachtig! Dit staat ook nog op mijn verlanglijstje!

the.neo.lifestyle said...

Good evening all,

Don't know the provenance of it. But my friend has the feeling that they are french, but the medals are typical Belgian.
Yep op sint lukas waren er ook, maar ik zal er meer hebben binnen enkele jaren ;-)
Time= fun
Thanks for the congratulations !!!!


TheMerryMiser said...

Happy Birthday and great job with the blog. Can't wait to see the final results of your apartment make-over.



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