Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chateau Neo Lifestyle is getting full!!!

My God, people all around the world will imagine I live in a big space. Indeed it is the case. But I shop so much for antiques that very soon my place will become a supermarket of antiques.

Look at everything I have bought the last two weeks.
And there are some new things to my place, I think I will need to start a website :-) to sell some stuff.

Well Like I don't like to write to much, here are the nice pictures. There are all sorts of things, etchings, corals, ceramic's, furniture, textile :-)


faye said...

i see some interesting stuffs~

Victoria said...

what's the paint colour in your salon? Plain white or is it tinted? Love your purchases! said...

White, basic white, but the room is always very sunny, so thats helps :-)


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