Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday is a work day

Well thats a bit normal, since during the week I have no time to do special interior design work. So I have to do it during the weekend, like I did today.

Saturday I went to the Brussels flea market and bought some nice little things, will write about that later. And had a nice lunch on our National Day with friends. Sunday was a working day for me.
Went to the market in the early morning for some plants for in my garden.

And in the afternoon I had to go in the country side to go and dismantle a marble chimney piece I bought.
(I am shopping for some old interior elements for a friend).

Here are two pictures of it during the dismantling :-)

After such a warm and hard day on top, I am totally tired, so I stay in my little room upstairs of my apartment.

New adventures this week ;-)


Diogenes said...

Which market do you go to? Grand Sablon? said...

Hello diogenes,

I go sometimes to the grand sablon, but too expensive, i prefer to go to the "vosseplein" :-)

Diogenes said...

I agree that Sablon is expensive...thanks for the info on vosseplein. I try to go to Tongeren when I am in Belgium.


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