Monday, January 17, 2011


Today it was still light when I came home. Thats the good thing about leaving winter behind.
Here are some pictures from one corner in my dining room.
With some of my new finds and some things I received :-)


Picture of Elegance said...

Very elegant!

Kathy said...

Your sea"scape" makes me smile......very fresh and un-winter like.

Anonymous said...

lovely vignettes...gorgeous table..
and nice that it's getting lighter outside, no?..
have a great day...

Eccentricities said...

I love the mix of natural elements, like the coral, with the wood of the table and the fabulous flooring. Isn't it fun to move things around in your home and create new scenes?! I spend all day doing it before any party and have to leave the cooking to someone else.


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