Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Through my eyes

Today I don't take you to a french chateau or something like that. Today I took some pictures from the park next to my new office. Our last office was next the Botanic Gardens. A wonderful place designed by René Pechère I wrote already an article about this master in gardens.

Our new office is just next to the gardens "le Mont des Arts". Meaning the mountain of the arts. And on that hill it's full of art and believe me. Every possible style of architecture is there. Some examples: the Royal library of belgium, the Royal Museums of fine arts, the Museum of music instruments, the Rene Magritte museum, the center for fine arts Brussels Bozar etc, etc...
The list is so long, you can get lost there a couple of days.

But the most important, the place is such a treat for the eye. If you like 50's, art nouveau, art deco, 70's, medieval, 19th century, or flemish baroque you will all find it there next to each other. We're used to that in Brussels. Some people find it strange. Putting a calder in a fountain in front of an art nouveau building, I suppose some will find this too much!

In the big brown 70's building I also work sometimes :-) I hope everybody like this little visit of a tiny piece of Brussels?


Anci said...

Yes, I would like a trip to Brussels !


Raul Gonzales said...

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Picture Of Elegance said...

Love the city and the photos, you have such a great eye...

scott davidson said...

"There should be pictures of food in the dining room and landscape in the living room," says my daughter, who is just starting her interior design course at our local university. So I asked her to browse to wahooart.com on the computer.
There she can choose good canvas prints to be made from a vast choice of Western art and she picked this one of fish by Braque, http://en.wahooart.com/A55A04/w.nsf/OPRA/BRUE-8LJ278 for the dining room.


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