Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laura Montalban

MMMMMMMMM what a nice place.
Much more minimalistic than my place, but I admire people who can do this. Isn't it Renaud ;-)
Well I am a materialist and a maximalist. Last weeks I bought tons of new items, and will share this with you soon.
Today I am more in the mood of just drooling on somebody else his apartment. Thats also a nice activity.


Unknown said...

certainly "minimalistic" dahhling but very charming indeed... very excited to see what your fab new finds are your style!

The Decorator said...

Very elegant!

And I still love the iconic Tizio lamp from Richard Sapper designed in 1972, don't you?

J x

Anci said...

It's very nice and it's fun to see how other people live.

Anci said...

Thanks for the comments :-)
I also have a Tizio in my cellar, I keep it, because I don't know where to put it for the moment :-s
I agree Anci :-)


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